Shabbat Shalom!

By admin
July 20, 2012

What an amazing week at camp for the Bet chanichim(campers) and the odedim!

The evening programs have been awesome.  Ben Yehuda Street, the Exodus program (where campers reenact the boats arriving in Palestine at the end of World War II) and the talent show were all very cool and enjoyed by all. We have some amazing singers and dancers!  Israel Day was a meaningful day run by our Israeli staff, and the food was amazing!

The World Cup Soccer Tournament, Seattle Sounder Craig Tomlinson, camp outs by the river, and the field trip to Wolf Haven International were just a few of the amazing things that went on here at Camp this week.

The odedim had an amazing time at Mt. Rainer National Park.  They hiked to the top of Eagle Peak and did the Ramparts Ridge hike. They ate stir fry, quesadillas, pancakes, eggs, sandwiches …why does food taste so much better in the outdoors?  Most of all, they bonded as a group, learned leadership skills and had the time of their lives.

The campers on the Israel trip enjoyed an extraordinaryKabbalat Shabbat with the other camps and a ruach session after dinner. They are now at Kibbutz Gadot – staying there until Tuesday when they head to Tel Aviv. This Shabbat is going to be a really nice and relaxing day – services in the morning, pool time in the afternoon and then a cruise on the Kinneret after havdallah.

I would like to extend a heartfelt todah rabbah (thank you) to everyone who made Open House this past weekend a huge success.  560 parents, family members, alumni and friends attended, and we raised over $10,000 for scholarships during the Schechter Show.  Your generosity allowed me to finally tell our Board of Directors Co-President David Schwartz to go jump in the lake!   With your continued generosity, he and Karen Twain, our other Board Co-President, may get the same privilege – to tell me to go jump in the lake – next year.

How could it be the last Shabbat of Oded and Bet session?! Time sure flies when you are having fun. Shabbat is a wonderful time at camp, and we can’t wait for the delicious food, rest and play time. The Bet campers and odedim have been great and happy campers, and I am sure that the feeling of Judaism and Joy being one will always be here!

Shabbat Shalom!

Sam Perlin

Executive Director