Cabin Life

Each of our beautiful, clean, rustic cabins at Camp Solomon Schechter holds 8-14 campers and at least two counselors. All cabins are equipped with brand new bunk beds and mattresses that have attached cubbies for unpacking, a bathroom and shower inside, and a porch area for shoes and wet clothing. There are cubbies in each cabin where campers can unpack their clothing, allowing for a tidy and sanitary living space. The cabins are cleaned daily by campers and staff.

camp cabin exterior.
camp cabin beds.


The ideal cabin is one with a healthy mix of new and returning campers from numerous locations. As such, we attempt to avoid creating entire cabins from one city or synagogue. There are ample opportunities for children from ALL cabins to socialize throughout the day. Please encourage your child not to get “hung up” on cabin placement as a prerequisite for a great summer camp experience.

During the summer we embody and live by 10 middot (values). These values are:

  • Rachmanut – Compassion
  • Hitgabrut – Adventure
  • Gibush – Teamwork
  • Kavod – Respect
  • Ometz Lev – Courage
  • Gemilut Chasidim – Kindness
  • Hishtatfut – Participation
  • Tikkun Olam – Nature Appreciation
  • Hachnasat Orchim – Welcoming
  • Sakranut – Curiosity

Rest and downtime are an important part of staying healthy and energized at Camp. Please send your child with quiet time activities such as books, stationery, crossword puzzles, etc.

Our staff has been trained in dozens of small group games and is always on hand during rest time to engage with campers. We also have an array of card and board games for bunks to use during bunk-time and at nighttime. These “golden hours” are fantastic opportunities for campers to socialize, interact with each other, and build community within the bunk. We also encourage campers to use these times to write letters home!

Night time at Schechter is a special time. After evening program, campers and staff go back to their bunks and wind down for the evening. Schechter bed time rituals include saying the Shema, sharing the days roses and buds, and sharing stories from the day. Cabins also have tooth brushing parties and shower time to encourage best hygiene practices.

Campers staying three weeks will receive one complimentary laundry service per session. Laundry is sorted by cabin and returned the following day. Camp assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged laundry items. Please only send items that are easily laundered, non-bleeding, and well-marked with your child’s first and last names.

It is our policy that campers will not be allowed to have cell phones or any devices with video screens at camp. If campers are found to have personal video screens at camp, the camp will hold onto the devices for the remainder of the session. Do not send your children with phones or other video players to camp. The camp does allow digital cameras. Campers that need cell phones for airport transportation can arrive at camp with their phones and CSS will store them in a safe until their departure.

The only electronics allowed will be screen-less music players (e.g. iPod shuffles, mp3 players, CD players) and digital cameras. All other music players, eBook readers, portable game devices, and video players are prohibited.