COVID Policy 2023

Dear CSS Community,

With camp coming up faster than you can say babka, we wanted to send a quick update on our COVID-19 policies and procedures for this year. At Camp Solomon Schechter, we believe that the health and safety of our campers and staff members are a top priority. We also believe that vaccines work. As such, to increase their health and safety, we will be enforcing the following policies and procedures to ensure everyone has the best summer possible. 

The base COVID-19 vaccine is required for everyone, with boosters also required for staff. However, we do strongly recommend that every camper get their boosters as well. 

If your campers have not yet received their COVID-19 vaccine and/or booster, please plan accordingly to ensure they receive them at least two weeks prior to the start of camp.

Pre-Arrival and Testing

We are requiring campers to take an antigen COVID-19 test in the morning of the first day of camp, before bus pick-up. Please bring photo evidence of a negative test at bus drop-off. This is to avoid a trip to camp that results in needing to be turned away. We suggest the following in the 1-2 weeks before arrival to ensure COVID-19, or any other infections, do not accompany anyone to camp:

  • Minimize potential exposures, especially outside your immediate family
  • Avoid higher risk indoor settings like indoor dining
  • Avoid indoor and outdoor crowded places or events, such as close contact settings and confined spaces
  • Stay home and test for COVID-19 if you have any COVID-19 or “cold-like” symptoms
  • Continue to observe other infection prevention practices, such as hand hygiene after using bathrooms and before meals and not touching nose/eyes/face

Surveillance Testing

Tests will continue to be administered on the first and second days of camp. We will not be requiring masks (although they will be respected) and we are also discontinuing our podding policy.

Counselors and campers leaving camp for an extended period of time will be required to test every evening starting 24 hours after coming back with a final test on their fourth night back (or at least 72 hours after their return). This will also be our procedure for COVID-19 exposure while at camp.

Diagnostic Testing

If a camper or counselor has symptoms including a sore throat, fatigue, fever, or stuffy nose, they will be administered a COVID-19 test and be kept in the infirmary.

Discharge Policy

If a camper gets COVID at camp, we will do our best to house them depending on space. Our goal is to provide our COVID-positive campers with a similar camp experience. Parents will be able to pick up their kids from camp and quarantine at home if desired. Campers can test negative out of quarantine early, or will need to wait at least 10 days before rejoining their cabin.

All policies are subject to change depending on the situation. Our medical committee may change or update these procedures based on community prevalence as we get closer to the first day of camp. 

Exemptions to our vaccine policy must be accompanied with a letter from a doctor and will be considered on a case by case basis, in consultation with our medical committee.

Please talk to your camper and practice these strategies together prior to coming to camp to ensure a smooth transition to an amazing summer! It is also up to your discretion for whether or not your kids come to camp. Please contact Adam Nickels with any questions.

Thank you!

Adam Nickels, Camp Director

Zach Duitch, Executive Director

Jonathan Schwartz, Board President

Medical Committee:

Avi O’Glasser

Sam Stampfer

Naomi Busch