Getting To Camp

Transportation to Camp 2023

2023 Bus schedule

CSS will be providing transportation to and from camp from the following areas: Seattle, Mercer Island, BC, Bellingham, Spokane, and Portland. Here is some important information to note about transportation: 

  • Buses to and from camp are only accessible for 3 week campers, combo (2 week) campers and as a return journey option for Rookie Campers.
  • If your camper is a Rookie Camper, you are responsible for providing transportation to get to camp. You will have the option to choose a bus option for your camper to get home once their session ends, though a car pick-up is also an option.
  • Odedim are not eligible for bus transportation to and from camp. You are responsible for arranging transportation for Odedim to get to and from camp. 
  • If you require transportation to and from Bellingham, please choose the BC/Canada bus option as this bus will make a stop in Bellingham en route. 
  • If you are flying to camp and require an airport shuttle, you can let us know this by choosing the ‘flying’ option on the transportation form. The airport shuttle will cost $50 each way.
  • If you do not require a bus for camp, there is also an option on the transportation form to select driving to camp.

All forms that need to be completed prior to the summer are now live in your Camp Minder Account. Click here to log into your account and begin completing these forms. These forms include the Code of Conduct, Health History, Parnet Authorization, and the Transportation Form. Please take note of the important deadlines of these forms and be sure to have them submitted before the deadline. 

To Camp: 

  • Mercer Island (Herzl Ner-Tamid)—Gather at 12:30pm, leaves at 1pm. $60.
  • Seattle (Billings MS)—Gather at 12:30pm, leaves at 1pm. $60.
  • Portland (CNS)—Gather at 12pm, leaves at 12:30pm. $80.
  • Spokane (TBS)—Gather at 7am, leaves at 7:30am. $95.
  • BC (CBT)—Gather at 8:30am, leaves at 9am. $95.

From Camp: 

  • Mercer Island (Herzl Ner-Tamid)—Leaves camp at 9am, arrives at 11am. $60.
  • Seattle (Billings MS)— Leaves camp at 9am, arrives at 11am. $60.
  • Portland (CNS)— Leaves camp at 9am, arrives at 11am. $80.
  • Spokane (TBS)— Leaves camp at 8am, arrives at 2pm. $95.
  • BC (CBT)— Leaves camp at 8am, arrives at 1pm. $95.