Wellness & Safety

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During the summer, contact nurse@campschechter.org

We encourage you to make us a full partner in planning for your child’s summer by sharing all relevant medical and psychological information. While some parents hesitate to provide Camp with personal information about their child’s behavior or past experiences, our only goal in having this information is to better understand your child to ensure that he or she has a successful summer. Information will only be shared with staff members when medically necessary and only at the Director’s discretion.

We have a professionally staffed health center at Camp that is fully stocked with supplies to handle any routine medical incident. Please do not send any over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol, Sudafed, or Advil. When necessary, these over-the-counter medications will be dispensed through our health center. Please indicate on your child’s medical form if there are any over-the-counter medicines he or she should not take.

Please understand that our medical staff will review your child’s medical forms prior to the start of his or her Camp session, and may request and/or require additional medical documentation, communication from your doctor, or other documents as a condition of permitting your child to attend Camp. We appreciate your cooperation with our medical team as they seek to provide the highest quality and most informed care for your child. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you would like to volunteer as a camp clinician, please contact Adam Nickels at anickels@campschechter.org.

If there is any suspicion that a camper is involved in self-destructive behavior, such as anorexia, cutting, or any other type of self-mutilation, the Director reserves the right to send that camper home immediately, where proper support services are available. The Camper Care Team works to support the social, mental, and emotional health of campers. If there are any mental health concerns, please be sure to contact the Assistant Director of Camper Care and Inclusion prior to the summer in order to discuss camper support.

Our goal at Camp Solomon Schechter is to create a safe place for ALL children to play, learn, grow, and have fun. Part of this involves knowing and appreciating people different from you, including campers and staff with special needs. Often these campers come to Camp with their own counselor or aide to assist them. They live in regular camper cabins and are fully integrated into Camp. If your child requires additional assistance while at camp, please contact the Camp office. We will work with you to support your child’s Camp experience.

Your concerns about your child’s welfare are important to us, and we will happily answer any questions you may have throughout the summer. If you contact Camp, you can expect that your call will be returned by our Camper Care Team or a member of our Head Staff within 24 hours with honest, up-to-date information.

Note: Phone messages are screened regularly for emergencies during Shabbat and after hours. If you have a family emergency, please indicate that on the message.

For the safety of your children, Camp Solomon Schechter is a closed community. You must contact the Camp office prior to visiting Camp. Please do not make an unannounced visit during Camp.

Water is available at Camp ALL day and night at various cooler stations, in cabins, at drinking fountains, and in the dining hall. Counselors and Camp personnel encourage hydration and take your child’s water intake seriously. Your child will be running, jumping, playing, boating, and having the time of their lives from sun up to sundown. Please speak to them about the importance of drinking water throughout the day and monitoring themselves for signs of dehydration. We strongly encourage your child to bring a water bottle to camp.