Wolf Haven: A Sanctuary Of Beasts

By admin
July 15, 2013

For today’s excursion to Wolf Haven, forty curious campers felt the excitement of seeing several wolves and wolf-dogs up close and personal. Wolf Haven sits just down the road from Schechter, and serves as a rehabilitation site for captive-born wolves, a restoration area for native plants, and a touring facility.  After passing through the site’s wolf cemetery, the kids walked down a trail through patches of wildflowers and Mima mounds. Next they got a tour through the enclosure areas and saw pairs of wolves, learning a few fun facts at each stop and watching a few of the animals being fed. The campers’ favorite wolf was Shadow, a black grey-wolf who seemed almost as interested in the kids as they were in it. For the third year in a row, Schechter will be adopting a wolf, doing our part to keep this special sanctuary running.