Open Letter from Gimmel Camper Maude Elovitz.

By admin
April 17, 2014
 Dear Sam,

My name is Maude Elovitz, and I am a 9th grade Gimmel camper, as of this summer. I just wanted to say thank you. As of now, I have 108 days until camp officially starts for gimmel session 2014, and I was just thinking over past years about all of the great things camp has provided for me.

First, a jewish identity. Last year, I remember learning about the holocaust, and how it deeply affected me. Learning it at school is one thing, but at a jewish camp, surrounded by the people who love you, makes it much more affective. I started thinking, and I wanted to do something in my own way that honors the holocaust. This year, on Yom HaShoa, I am participating in a day of silence, and wearing all black to honor the death of the six million innocent Jews. Also, at camp last year, I remember shabbat, and how close I was beginning to feel with my self and others. Everyone is so happy, and joyful. Thank you.

Next, relationships. For my first five years as a camper, I had been in a cabin with the same people. Every year, the same thing, the same drama, the same everything. My sixth year, I was separated from those people and to be honest, it was really scary. I didn’t know what to do, or how to become friends with all of the new people. About a week in, I began to open up and look at the positives. I agree, it took me a while, but I realized, I was at Camp Solomon Schechter. It did not matter who I was in a cabin with, or who I was friends with. I at least knew and was friends with three quarters of my grade, and was fine with my cabin placement. The next year, I was also separated from most of my friends, and didn’t see them as much. It was a good experience for me. I got to become REALLY close with my other friends, and now, I am probably the only person you will hear say this, cabin placement doesn’t matter to me. I am open to everyone, and am extremely willing to make real friends. Thank you.

Then, memories. My favorite memory of camp is when I first got off the bus my seventh grade year. It was truly, a breath of fresh air. I remember seeing everyone after 11 months, and how different everyone looked. How different I looked to them! We all sat in a circle on the grass and just TALKED. We talked about everything. Our camp goals, our school year, boys, everything. Also, I saw my staff, and how well they worked together. Melissa Kipersztok, my seventh grade counselor, left a lasting impact on me, and she was a rocking awesome counselor. I just love camp.

Thank you Sam, Furman, all the staff, and who ever else reads this, for impacting me in your own ways. Thank you for camp.

Maude Elovitz

Gimmel Camper