Gesher Beat: Kibbutz Yahel

By admin
July 22, 2013

On the second, third and forth nights of our adventure in Israel, we stayed on Kibbutz Yahel, which is situated in the city of Yahel. The atmosphere of the kibbutz was very calming and relaxing, especially after 36 hours of traveling. It was our first Shabbat together in Israel and the experience of being in the middle of the desert surrounded by people we just met was new and exciting. We were able to get to know the other people from the other camps without the sound of a city, but rather the sound of nature. The Schechter ladies led Friday evening services and after dinner a few of us decided to carry on the Schechter Friday night shira tradition (singing songs). Saturday was filled with a lot of relaxing with friends, swimming in the pool, and meeting the people from the other camps. Overall, Kibbutz Yahel was an amazing introduction to both kibbutz life and Israel itself.  The next stop on our kibbutz tour was to Kibbutz Lotan. This particular kibbutz is especially unique in that it is an eco-friendly kibbutz. They compost, grow their own crops, and they are a fully cooperative kibbutz. I really enjoyed learning about how people on kibbutzim are able to be very eco-friendly.

Rachel Godfrey