First Day Of Gimmel!

By admin
July 25, 2014

There is an indescribable feeling in the air as the buses role in on the first day of camp, and there is no session that begins more magically than Gimmel! Our campers have been counting down the days for an entire year (plus one extra day this year) to reunite with their friends from all over the Northwest and beyond!

In traditional fashion, Director Sam Perlin kicked off the new session with Sam’s Spiel; an overview of the rules and values of CSS

Today was jam packed with activities as the campers took the swim test, met the kitchen and infirmary staff, had a tour of camp, signed up for their chuggim and finished with a neon dance party! 

As I said at the beginning of this post, the atmosphere at camp on the first day is indescribable. But, you can hear the magic for yourself now through the Schechter podcast. Check it out here, and feel the energy for yourself! 

Josh Niehaus

CSS, 2014