Camp Starts Again! 2016

By admin
July 01, 2016

Staff Training 2016

I am always amazed at the hard work of the counselors and specialists during staff week. They are so excited to learn, grow, and have fun. This year is no exception: the staff enthusiasm is palpable. This past week staff have been training on safety, activity programing, role modeling, child development, challenge course, lifeguarding, inclusion, and how to be an effective Jewish educator. We have been singing, dancing, playing sports, cleaning up, cooking, and bonding as a group: We camped at the river, went to a Tacoma Rainiers Baseball game, and now we are about to enjoy being together over Shabbat as powerful leaders for the youth of tomorrow.

The Odedim arrived yesterday and are already learning, making new friends, and having a fantastic time. There are some very talented artists, musicians, scholars and athletes in the Oded group this year; they will for sure help take the summer experience to new heights.

This summer’s theme is lo l’facheid k’lal: have no fear. Our goal is to help the campers grow and overcome their fears and trepidations. In order for the staff to help the campers across this very narrow bridge, we all must recognize that we human beings need each other’s support and love. Jewish spirituality lives in our midst here at Camp Solomon Schechter, and our conscientious staff are building our summer camp society. At camp, we encourage campers, and staff, to take risks. Faith is the courage to take risks: It is not certainty, it is the ability to live with uncertainty.

As Shabbat approaches, I can smell the camp Challot baking, and as I get ready to embrace the Shabbat spirit, my heart swells from the amazing opportunity to impart Jewish living, for high impact and youth development. The Aleph Rishon and Bet campers, arriving this Sunday, will certainly enjoy their first week of camp: Super fun Chuggim, new equipment, and exciting evening programs are all in store. We cannot wait for the campers to arrive! An enthusiastic, confident, and competent group of staff and Odedim are ready to great your children and bring the Ruach, so make sure that your camper is ready for the time of their life!

Shabbat Shalom!