A Day at Camp

Discover what a day at camp can look like, picture yourself here!

8:00am Kima (Wake Up)
8:30am Degel (Flag Raising)
8:45am Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)
Pancakes, scones, muffins, eggs, hash browns, and assorted cereals are among our camper’s favorites!
9:30am Shacharit (Morning Prayers)
We begin each morning at Schechter with an abbreviated, short, interactive, and lively Schacharit service in the Lehrer Family Amphitheater on the shores of Lake Stampfer.
10:00am  Nikayon (Cabin Clean-Up)
10:30am  Chug Rishon (First Activity)
Campers can participate in any of our engaging and fun activities **
11:30am Zman Yachad!
Schechter is more than just a sports, arts, outdoor adventure, music, dance or nature camp; it’s all of the above! And it’s also a Jewish camp. Zman Yachad is a time of the day to learn about Israel and Jewish values through games, art projects, hikes, sports and even out-of-camp trips!
12:30pm  Wash up in cabins
1:00pm Aruchat Tzoharayim (Lunch)
From grilled cheese to chicken nuggets to pizza, lunch is a time when the whole camp gathers together to eat, sing, and catch up with bunkmates about the day so far!
2:00pm Menucha (Rest Time)

3:00pm Chug Sheni (Second Activity)
4:00pm Chug Shlishi
At Schechter we love to plan BIG activities, especially ones that the entire camp can do together. From quidditch to graffiti making, zumba or Israeli dancing, Chug Shlishi is our hour of the day where everyone can come together to do a high energy and fun acticvity.
5:00pm Canteen
Campers spend their Schechter Shekels on the candy of their choice.  Every camper gets one Schechter Shekel a day, and it’s included in his or her tuition!
5:30pm Chofesh (Free Time)
7:00pm Aruchat Erev (Dinner)
8:00pm Wash Up
Campers have time to shower and change for evening program.
8:30pm Peulat Erev (Evening Program)
For Peulat Erev we transform the camp into a magical alternate reality everynight of the week. On any given night the dinning hall might turn into an Eilat Casino, the soccer field might overflow with inflatibles and carnival games, or we might be coating the amphitheater with slime on the set of Double Dare! Each year we add new and exciting evening programs into the mix!
 9:30pm  Tzrif (Cabin) Time
10:00pm  10:00pm  Lila Tov! (Lights out — 9:00 pm for Aleph campers)

Sample Chugim

Tie-Dye/Hippie Chug
Digital Photography
Video Production
Canoes, Kayaks, Aquacycles & Paddleboats
Jr. Lifeguard
Water polo
Baseball / Softball
Challenge Course
Visual Arts
Croquet/Bocce/Lawn Sports
Ultimate Frisbee
Arts & Crafts
Frisbee Golf
Camp Beautification
Set Design
Zip Lining
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