Judaism and Joy!

A community celebration of Jewish heritage and ritual life!

Some of the most memorable moments at camp happen when we come together as a community to sing songs, celebrate our heritage, and participate in Jewish ritual life. With the cancellation of camp, we want to make sure that our campers still have the opportunity to sing, pray, say blessings over meals, listen to Shabbat stories, and celebrate Havdalah this summer. So please join us in celebrating Jewish rituals all summer long with these fun events that we have planned for the whole community!

Shacharit (morning prayers) 

Start your Fridays off right with a classic camp Shacharit. Each week, CSS Judaics specialist Juliana Sherer will bring together campers of all ages to sing some of your favorite Shacharit prayers!

Fridays, 11 am, Facebook Live

Shira (song-session) 

There is truly nothing better than sitting in the chadar with your arm around your neighbor belting out your favorite shira songs.  Since we can’t be in the chadar this summer, we are bringing the joy of shira to you.  Join us every Friday before Kabbalat Shabbat as Josh Niehaus leads a classic camp sing along!

Fridays, 5:30 pm, Facebook Live

Kabbalat Shabbbat (Welcoming of Shabbat)

Join us every Friday evening to bring in Shabbat as a community. Complete with the telling of a Shabbat story, the chanting of the blessings, and the singing of a handful of prayers led by campers and camp staff. This weekly event is sure to transport you to the amphitheater. Shabbat Shalom from Camp Solomon Schechter!

Fridays, 6:00 pm, Facebook Live

Torah Zone 

One of our favorite camp traditions is Torah Zone (zone, zone, zone). Every week the Parshat HaShavuah (weekly Torah portion) is acted out by camp staff to the amusement of the campers, replete with sword fights, sound effects, jokes, and, of course, an overview of the Parsha! This summer we will take Torah Zone to the airwaves to deliver a professionally-recorded podcast each week. Get ready to laugh and learn with each new Torah ZONE (ZONe ZOne, Zone, zone…)

New episodes released every Thursday on Facebook or wherever you get your podcasts.

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