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Thank you for joining us this year and for showing us how much Camp Solomon Schechter means to you!

Event Chairs: Barbara Atlas, Sandy Menashe, and Alan Montrose

Thank you for joining us this year and for showing us how much Camp Solomon Schechter means to you!

Event Chairs: Barbara Atlas, Sandy Menashe, and Alan Montrose

Your investment goes directly to funding transformative, Jewish experiences and…

  • Ensuring that every family is able to attend camp.
  • Keeping tuition as low as possible.
  • Hiring and retaining super star talent.
  • Caring for all of our campers’ daily needs.
  • Keeping our community safe and secure.
  • Creating superior programming infused with Jewish content, ritual and themes.

Thank you to our matchmakers!

Audrey Covner & Dianne Dougherty 

Benjamin & Trea Diament 

Leslie & Murray Huppin 

Gene (z”l) and Gerry Huppin, their children & grandchildren 

Garry & Judith Kahn 

Mary-Lynne Reiner and the Reiner Family Foundation



Joann & Carl Bianco  

JCamp 180  

Susan & Brad Lehrer  

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust  

Dr. Maya Newman & Ben Mahdavi  

Powell Family Foundation, Nancy E. Powell Division  

Samis Foundation  

Stern Family  

Marcie & Terry Wirth  



Nadine Gartner & Benjamin Olds 

Peggy & Bruce Gladner  

Becky & Lee Holzman  

Jay Holzman 

Foundation for Jewish Camp  

Sharon & Marty Lott 

Tara Reck & Omri Bahat  

Jonathan Schwartz  

Alfred & Tillie Shemanki Trust Fund  


Terry & Dave Azose  

Mia Blake & David Schiller 

Melissa & Matt Korch  

Naomi & Jon Newman 

Briana & Jeff Roberts  

The Russell Family Foundation  

Janice & Mike Shainsky  

Iantha & Stan Sidell  

Jerry & Helen Stern Grandchildren’s Fund of the OJCF 


Barbara Atlas & Brian Suher*  

Melissa & Zane Brown* 

JoAnn & Barry Forman 

Debbi & Dr. Alan Montrose*  

Abby & Rick Menashe and Wendi & Sandy Menashe*  

Wendy Gutmann & Jeff Menashe, Debbie & Dave Menashe, and Toinette & Dr. Victor Menashe*  

Donna & Robert Peha*  

Elaine & Alan Peizer*  

Beulah Schauffer  

Betsy & Dr. Jason Schneier* 

Dr. Joy & David Stiefel 

Cindy & Bob Strauss*  

*Indicates gift between $3,600-$5,000 in honor of Gordon and Saskia Schaeffer.


Joelle & Loren Alhadeff  

Tamar & Paul Azous  

Nicole & Adam Blakney  

Deborah Duitch  

Lisa & Warren Fein 

Sarah & Jonathan Glass  

Kari Haas 

Jennifer & Mark Kalenscher  

James & Leatrice Keller & Family  

Lisa & Bob Low  

Dr. Avital & Ben O’Glasser  

Elysa & Jeff Piha  

Saskia & Gordon Schaeffer  

Hally & David Wax 


Lisa & Andrew Altow 

Lisa & Marv Brashem  

Shardae & Dan Brown  

Marlene & Steve Burns 

Anna Davis & Scott Weinrobe 

Jessica & Zach Duitch  

Julie & David Ellenhorn 

Glass Family  

Cathy & Cliff Godwin  

Carolyn Gorin & Dr. Samuel Gottlieb 

Beth Huppin & David Bennett 

Wendy & Steven Kahn  

Andy Kaplowitz  

Doris & Jim Kelly  

Anna & Eric Kodesch  

Ari Lackman 

Janet & Robert Lackman 

Jackie & Harold Lesch  

Jennifer & Scott Morris 

Judy & Nissim Neuman 

Dr. Dale Oller  

Amee & Michael Sherer 

Kathleen & Robert Spitzer 

Drs. Claire & Meir Stampfer 

Marla & Robert Weiner  

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Honoring Gordon & Saskia Schaeffer

Camp Solomon Schechter has been an integral part of the Schaeffer family life. Growing up in Portland with Rabbi Stampfer, camp has shaped their family’s Jewish identity. Gordon and Saskia are thankful to have been deeply impacted by camp themselves and to have made their impact on Camp Solomon Schechter for their children, for Jewish families across the Pacific Northwest, and the future of our Jewish community. They are grateful to be able to use their resources to give back in return and ensure that camp is here for the next generation and beyond, l’dor v’dor.

two people standing in front of a house with a sign saying colonel's house.

The Rabbi Joshua & Goldie Stampfer, z”l, Migdal Or Award

The Migdal Or Award honors Rabbi Joshua & Goldie Stampfers’ legacy and commitment to Jewish life and camping.

A Migdal Or is a beacon of light. The award is given out to remarkable individuals that keep the spark of the Stampfer’s legacy alive and light the way for others to follow.

Rabbi Joshua & Goldie Stampfer are both the inspiration for the award as well as the first recipients in 2020.

Past Migdal Or Award Recipients

Judith & Garry Kahn – 2022
Gerry & C. Eugene (z”l) Huppin – 2021

Your support helps us do the important work of creating Jewish identities and strengthening the Jewish community. Be the spark that continues to light the way for generations to come.

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