Zen and the Art of Summer Camp Cooking

By admin
February 18, 2013

It’s easy to find joy if you know where to look. I find my joy in a kitchen; a summer camp kitchen to be precise. For many years now I have been a chef. I have worked in a variety of foodservice establishments.  However, it has been working at camps I have enjoyed most. Camps provide this unique opportunity for me to play with food and create nutritious meals for kids at the same time. Plus it’s hard to go wrong when each day is spent alongside a glistening lake listening to laughter echoing through the trees! Now my childhood summer pastime has turned dream job and enables me to share my love of food by cooking for children and adults alike during their stay at Camp Solomon Schechter. 

Behind the scenes, in the land of knives and ovens, is where the magic happens! Delicious recipes come to life daily bringing family, friends and strangers together.

There is no better way to connect with people than to share a meal with them. Food bridges all types of gaps; generational, cultural or otherwise. This is one of many reasons why I love working with food. For me nothing says caring more than taking the time and thought to create a homemade meal for someone.  Simply put: food is love. It is this love I discovered early on and one I wish to share.

The recipes to follow in my blogs will be kosher in keeping with the practices of the camp. I hope you all will enjoy playing with your food and trying new recipes as much as I do!

Dani Knapstad, Head Chef

Camp Solomon Schechter