World Cup comes to Schechter!

By admin
May 27, 2015

Ole, ole, ole, ole, ole!

For some of us, the World Cup is an exhilarating summer-time event we only get to experience once every four years through a television screen or – if you’re really dedicated – in the stadiums. For campers at Camp Solomon Schechter, the World Cup isn’t three long years away, but only a few short months. And they don’t just get to watch, they get a chance at glorious victory and the Cup!

That’s right! Back by popular demand, Seattle Academy Soccer Coach Zac Dykan will return this summer to referee the Camp Solomon Schechter World Cup! Gimmel campers will have the chance to go beyond what is offered in their chuggim (activities) and fiercely compete with their friends on the field. Each team of five players will represent the country of their choice in a round-robin, bracket-style tournament. “I want to make it as close to the World Cup as possible,” says Zac. That means going all-out with commentators for the games, cheering sections for fans to support their favorite contenders, face painting, music, and more!

Holding a World Cup at camp offers a unique opportunity for campers to learn not only about sportsmanship, but the history and meaning behind world tournaments. Campers will learn the official rules of FIFA, how the World Cup works and the country that they are representing. The camp-wide tournament will be a serious, more high-level opportunity for players to utilize and refine their skills and a chance for other campers to support their friends in the competition.

In homage to his time as a Schechter camper, Coach Dykan is running the World Cup on a voluntary basis this summer. “I went to Schechter for over 10 years and it’s important to me to give back to camp,” says Zac. “My hope is that one of the campers that participates in the World Cup will carry on the tradition in years to come.”

So, if you’re looking to be a futbol (soccer) champion this summer, Zac says, “Bring your cleats!”

Soccer not your sport?

Never fear – Hebrew Hoops will also be back again this year! Get ready to dribble and dunk all over the Schechter basketball courts this summer with Coach Sam Fein. Returning for a second summer at camp, Hebrew Hoops weaves together the values of sports and Judaism. Sam’s own positive experience on the basketball courts as a camper at Schechter in part inspired him to create the jewish basketball camp. “Schechter gave me the opportunity to merge the two – sports and Judaism – which is a large part of my childhood memories,” says Sam. Through the Hebrew Hoops curriculum, campers hone their basketball skills while weaving in Jewish Middot (virtues), such as savlanute (patience). Join Coach Fein on the basketball courts this summer during both Aleph/Bet and Gimmel sessions to sharpen your jump shot, layups and team building skills!