Song Leader Bootcamp

By admin
March 08, 2017

From February 19 through February 21, I attended the Song Leader Boot Camp in St. Louis Mo. Put on by Rick Recht and Jewish Rock Radio. It was an incredible experience.  At the workshop I learned what is needed to develop song leaders at camp and create a community of song leading at Camp Solomon Schechter.  While I do not play guitar I was able to contribute with my strong voice.  I gained a repertoire of the songs that we should consistently sing at camp.  I participated in inspirational musical Tfillot and hope to help replicate the experience at camp this summer and for summers to come. I also trained and met with Rick Recht as we planned for CSS staff week when he will be here to help our staff learn how to prepare for public speaking and for leadership through his famed trademarked STAR State Workshop.
STAR State is a powerful and highly motivational leadership training seminar demonstrating methods utilized by the world’s top athletes, entertainers, and educators to quickly and consistently achieve a peak physical and psychological state to achieve extraordinary performance.  What do these ‘best in class’ performers share in common?  They all utilize STAR State techniques to guarantee the very best version of themselves is front and center whether on a stage, bima, or in the cabin.    I went through it, so I know that the STAR State workshop is highly interactive, physical, and fun.  STAR State will provide wonderful practical techniques for our staff and especially our song leaders to utilize in their personal and professional lives to achieve a ‘peak state’ when alone, in the community, with colleagues, or with friends and family.   As I now know, everyone and anyone can always be a STAR!