Shabbat Shalom from CSS!

By admin
June 29, 2012

Dear Aleph, Echad, Oded and Staff Parents,


Camp has been going very well.  We have had an amazing week of Aleph Session and we are very excited that the Echad campers have arrived.

This week the chanichim enjoyed a carnival with an inflatable obstacle course, lip-sync night, and a bonfire with a sing-along and Dr Seuss readings as evening programs.

They played gaga, experienced teva (nature), made a mezuzah in omanut (arts & crafts) and participated in an all-camp project, during which each camper created ceramic tile (see the photo above!) helping to create a mosaic of all of our Aleph, Echad, Bet, and Gimmel campers, as well as all of our odedim and staff.  They also enjoyed many different sports in Maccabiah and free time.  Chanichim have enjoyed singing, eating delicious food and hanging out with their new and old friends.


Yesterday during tfillah we had an amazing “Torah Zone” skit that was informative yet hilarious and met with wild applause.  For Peulat Sababa (Jewish education), they saw an unrolling of the whole Torah, and participated in a message in a bottle project discussing how saying something nice to someone can really change their day.


So far camp is going great, but we can’t wait for an exciting Shabbat filled with singing, ruach, delicious food and tons of free time!


Shabbat Shalom,


Sam Perlin

Executive Director