Sam’s Spiel: What A Great First Week!

By admin
July 05, 2013

The Oded, Aleph 1 and Bet sessions are all going very well!  For Peulat Erev (evening program) the Chanichim (campers) have enjoyed a show by the Pacific Science Center, Bingo, Carnival, movie night, bonfires and campouts. Last night we enjoyed fireworks over the lake for the 2nd time this session, first for Canada Day and then for July 4th!

Yesterday Chanichim released ladybugs into our new garden; what an exciting moment to see all those bugs let free. Make sure you check out all of the pictures on our website.

The Odedim have been doing a great job adjusting to working with theChanichim.  They are also having a ton of fun, like at last night’s Oded Iron Chef competition!

Our 12 Gesher girls arrived in Israel on Thursday to begin the 2nd annual Schechter Summer in Israel experience! They are enjoying their first Shabbat at Kibbutz Yahel in the Negev desert!

Today is Yom Sport for the Aleph campers! The Bet campers are still flying high from their first dance last night. They also really enjoyed alternative services this morning, which were focused around dance, art, nature and music.

Thank you for sending your creative, talented, fun and beautiful children to Schechter this summer – now time for chicken soup, matzo balls and challah – and lots of singing!

May the CSS community have a peaceful and restful Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!

Sam Perlin

Executive Director, Camp Solomon Schechter