Safety & Security

By jnobbe
March 24, 2017

Parents, with summer fast approaching, we would like to update you with Camp Solomon Schechter’s security profile. Schechter has a renowned Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that others seek to implement. Our ERP is routinely shared as a sample of best practices for summer camps, and our Executive Director, Sam Perlin, is often being asked for advice.

We are lucky to have past Board member and camp parent, Jeff Slotnick, as a security advisor and Chair of our Security Committee.  Jeff is a 16-year Reserve Police Officer and the President of Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services. He is a highly engaged risk and security industry consultant with more than 28 years of experience. Additionally, we have a strong working relationship with our local Tumwater police and fire departments; many police officers have trained at our campgrounds.

Over the years, through trainings and drills, Sam, along with other key camp staff, have been refining and practicing to respond to a variety of situations. From stubbed toes and gaga knuckles to an earthquake or fire, Sam is the man with the plan! So no need to be alarmed and rest assured that CSS campers, staff, renters, and visitors will all be safe, secure, and happy at our spectacular property in Tumwater . . . “Where Judaism and Joy are One!”