Introducing our Israeli Scouts: Alon and Shay!

By admin
March 19, 2015

At camp we don’t need a morning shot of espresso because we have something more invigorating and energizing to help us start our day; we have the Tzofim (Israeli Scouts). From morning flag, to Tzofim chug (scouts activity) and everything in between, our scouts help cover every inch of camp with ruach (spirit) and a love of Israel. So meet our 2015 scouts Alon and Shay! 

Hi, my name is Alon Diesendruc and I am 16 years old. I live in a city called Raanana, which is located in the center Israel. I have two smaller sisters, Talia and Noa. My mom and dad both made aliyah (moved to Israel) from South America .

I joined the scouts when I was 12 years old, mostly because I had (and still have) a good friend that convinced me to join with him. Since then, both of my sisters have also joined, making us a “scout family”. Last year I was a counselor for 6th grade girls and this year I am a Rashgad, which is responsible for both the counselors and the children of the 7th grade group. My counselors are also very good friends of mine, which makes us a great team. This year there are 25 children in our group, both boys and girls. I enjoy being with the counselors and the kids, and I love the fact that I can make a difference in their lives, even if it is a small one.

Until last year I used to play basketball on my city’s team, we used to have three practices a week and a match once every two weeks against teams from my region. Unfortunately, I had to quit so that I could have time to both study the professions I wanted to study in school, and be a “full time” counselor in the scouts. Nowadays, I run and train alone twice a week to stay in shape and I play soccer every Friday with my friends.

I love to travel and get to know new places and cultures, and fortunately I have been given many opportunities to travel around the world, and Israel of course! Last summer my dad and I both went to see the world cup in Brazil, it was an awesome experience since we were constantly on the move from one place to another, and we got to see many parts of Brazil (which is where my father grew up) and see some awesome matches!

Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi, my name is Shay Elbaz and I am 17 years old. I live in Beit Hashmonay, a small town in the center of Israel. I am an 11th grade student and I major in Physics and Computer Science.

I was born in Tel Aviv in 1998 to my mother and my Father, Iris and Michael. I have three sisters, Lihi, Shirel, and Nitzan. As a family we really enjoy camping and traveling together. Last summer we visited the United States. We travelled coast to coast and it was an amazing experience that taught me about Americans and America. In addition, Friday dinners are very important to our family. Those dinners enable us to spend quality time as a family and share our experiences, feelings and thoughts.

I have been a member of the Tzofim, the Israeli Scouts, for eight incredible years. Last year I was a counselor for fifth graders, and this year I am a counselor for seventh graders. I love being in the Tzofim because I enjoy the feeling of being a part of something greater than me and contributing to society. I strongly believe that by guiding young children I am able to develop their skills and knowledge, as well as mine.

Furthermore, being a scout provides me the opportunity to develop my creativity. For example, this year I have taken upon myself to be in charge of the “Scouts Purim festival” in my town. In this festival we built four amusement rides using only logs and ropes.

I am a big fan of music, especially Israeli music. I have played the piano for seven years but last year I decided to stop because my studying took a large amount of my time. I love playing soccer with friends. I enjoy watching movies, and going to the theater and concerts, and I would love to be exposed to these in America.

I am an active person, who fills his day in many activities such as meeting friends or exercising. I enjoy sports, and I try to devote at least one day of the week for it. I consider myself a people person and I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them. My dream is to travel all over the world, meet new people and absorb different cultures.

I am looking forward to meeting you this summer!