Gesher Beat: Free Weekend!

By admin
August 01, 2013

Since I didn’t have any family in Israel, I was able to spend my free weekend with an Orthodox family with thirteen children! Arriving at their home was a definite culture shock for me. In my house all of my brothers have grown up and moved out so I am the only child in a good sized home. This family lives in a tiny apartment full of children!

We first went to the shuk, which was packed with pre-Shabbas shoppers! It was amazing to see all of the stands, smell all of the spices and hear the venders yelling to reel in their customers! While walking through the shuk I ran into two of my friends from home! It was such a surprise and it really made me see how the holy land brings so many people from all around the world together.

We spent most of Shabbat eating, sleeping and playing with the children. Some of the songs that the family sung around the table were just like ones we sing at camp! Each meal had at least two courses and desert and would last between two to four hours! After each meal we would sleep until the next one, so our Shabbat was very relaxed and laid back.

Elyssa Grossman