Gesher Beat: Eilat Of Fun!

By admin
July 15, 2013

Eilat, 7/7/2013

After a crazy night on the Red Sea we got to spend the day on the beach. We started off the morning at a nature reserve where we were taught about some of the aquatic life in the Red Sea. Some of this included clown fish, coral, and surgeon fish (just like Finding Nemo!) We were then able to put on snorkeling gear, and actually see the lifeforms that we had just learned about! The water was crystal clear, and the fish were beautiful! The snorkeling time felt too short to all of us, and none of us wanted to get out of the water. It was incredible to see how the fish congregated around the coral and all of the other lifeforms, like sea anemones, living on the reef.  After snorkeling we relaxed on a different beach for a while and were able to cool off in the water. It was over 100 degrees outside! From the beach we drove out into the desert, and hiked about 15 minutes up to some sand dunes. The sand was the finest sand any of us had ever seen, and was softer than anything we had ever felt. We all had so much fun acting like little kids and rolling all the way down the dunes. The only tough part was climbing back up the dunes, especially in that heat! Exhausted, we ended the day sleeping on the bus back to Kibbutz Yahel.

Rosalie Pisano