Fun Chanukkah Activities for the Family!

By admin
December 03, 2012

Almost Chag Sameach and Happy Chanukkah!!

Some of my greatest childhood Jewish memories occured during Chanukkah.  I remember sitting in the SJCC on Mercer Island, playing dreidel with friends (wagering for peanuts…something that could never happen at Schechter!), I remember spending hours in the weeks leading up to Chanukkah trying to find my presents, making not-so-subtle hints to my parents so I got Cyclops from X-Men rather than Wolverine.  But I also remember lighting candles, learning about the Chanukkah story, singing songs, having family gatherings…all the things I plan to do with my kids (someday).

 I know parents are often looking for activities for the holidays, so I figured as a Jewish educator I would throw out some suggestions from Camp!

I hope you have an opportunity to use some of these resources, and if you want other ideas, email me here…I tried to list the top 8 resources but I have so many more!

Chag Sameach!

David Furman

Assistant Director

Camp Solomon Schechter