CSS 2014 Staff Intros: Abby Bernhard!

By admin
April 30, 2014

Abby Bernhard, Senior Counselor

How many years have you been involved with Schechter, and in what capacities?

I enjoyed Schechter as a camper for seven years, as an Oded for one summer and recently as a counselor. In total, nine years; half the summers of my life!

What are you most excited for this summer?

I am looking forward to returning to camp and seeing all my best friends and making new ones. I can’t wait to create more summer magic and of course swim everyday in the lake, run along the bog trails, sing around the camp fire and make my girls giggle as we raid the boys side. I am most excited to participate in Jewish activities and spend time with Jews after traveling for a year and being isolated from my community.

What is your favorite summer menu item?

Anything on Yom Israel!!

What is your favorite chug?


If you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would go to Santa Marta and Parque Tyrona in the North of Colombia because I was so close to those places but I didn’t have time to visit. Santa Marta has the best beaches and Tyrona has some amazing hiking trails. I also love speaking Spanish.