Chag Purim Sameach

By admin
March 07, 2012

Shalom, and Chag Purim Sameach!

I hope you have your costumes picked out, the food ready and groggers in hand, because tonight is PURIM!

There are three main mitzvot for Purim: hearing Megilat Esther read, giving mishloach manot (gift baskets of food) to your friends, and matanot le’evyonim (giving tzedakah to the poor).

It’s on the last mitzvah that I am writing you today.  The deadline for campers and families in need to apply for scholarship funds from us or the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is this Friday.*  With the struggling economy, we have seen a significant increase in applications over the past few years.  We are only able to allocate the funds we have, and we are asking you to fulfill the mitzvah of matanot le’evyonim and help us send children to camp this summer who would otherwise be unable to go.

And, remember, if you register between now and Purim (tonight), we will send you a free CSS t-shirt, just tell us the size!

Chag Sameach!

Sam Perlin

Executive Director

*For Washington residents, be sure to apply directly to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle here, as we work with the Federation to make our awards.  Anyone else who is interested in scholarship assistance should apply directly to Camp, using the application here.