07-29-16: Gimmel Starts 2016

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July 29, 2016
We have lots of new sports and activities at Camp Solomon Schechter this year. Our Olympiad period, where each cabin plays against another cabin in kick ball, dodge ball, or capture the flag, really gets everyone moving. Our new equipment includes Knockerballs (shown at right), nine-square-in-the-air, spike ball, and the CORCL water craft, and they are getting great reviews!

This summer chanichim have z’man yachad (together time), when they have informal learning, socialization, and physical activity. We have also introduced lots of new prayers and songs using our new camp shiron (songbook), and the chanichim still love Torah Zone, a multimedia play based on the weekly Torah portion.

Everyone at camp is looking forward to tonight and Shabbat, when the ruach will be off the charts, with its moving services, delicious dinner, and rousing shira(singing).

Our Odedim (some of whom are shown here, on the bus for a trip to Mt. Rainier) are back this weekend for one last Shabbat, along with the Odedim from 2015, who are also here for the weekend for their reunion.

The Mt. Rainier trip is a very deserved reward for those who have completed our counselor-in-training and leadership program. Thursday night they read their palanca letters, which their parents wrote to them, and many of them cried from being so happy and moved. The Oded have been fantastic and will make an excellent new crop of madrichim next summer!

Shabbat Shalom –
A Shabbat of peace to all of us,