Smart with Art

Online art classes designed for Camp Solomon Schechter!

Get ready for an incredible series of intricate and beautiful art projects enriched with Judaic content, and designed with the CSS camper in mind! And there’s no need to run out to the store to find any of the supplies because we will mail them right to you!

Look through the descriptions below to find the topics that interest your camper(s). Feel free to sign up for all of them!

  • Ages 7 – 14
  • 2 Hour-Long Live Art Classes
  • Professional Instruction
  • Supplies Included
  • $47/Week (2 Classes)


  1. Tuesday, July 7th, 2 pm ~ Abstracting Nature in Paint
    • Learn the art of abstract painting as we create a unique and beautiful background. We will gather objects from nature to create a one of a kind Judaica masterpiece. We will work with canvas and acrylic paints for this project. Dress for mess. All supplies included.
  2. Thursday, July 9th, 2 pm ~ Warm and Cool Color Study
    • We will explore the color wheel, discover warm and cool colors, and create an abstracted work of art incorporating a Jewish image. Have fun while learning new painting techniques.  We will be working with acrylic paints.  Dress for mess. All supplies provided.

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  1. Tuesday, 7/14, 2 pm ~ Tree of Life
    • Join us as we work with a variety of materials like construction paper, crayons, and decorative paper to create this whimsical tree of life. Discover the art of balance and design as we learn about Klimt, a famous artist, and are inspired to design our original work of art. All supplies included.
  2. Thursday, 7/16, 2 pm ~ Sculpture Tree
    • We will work in 3D to create a tree sculpture. This fun and interactive collage project will keep you creating and inspired! Join us as we learn new techniques and discover our own creativity! All supplies included.

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  1. Tuesday, 7/21, 2 pm ~ Found Object – Collage
    • Work with a variety of materials supplied to you, as well as found at home, and create a collage. You may focus on an object, like buttons, for the collage or a color scheme. The sky’s the limit on this fun, interactive, and creative one-of-a-kind work of art!
  2. Thursday, 7/23, 2 pm ~ Chagall Collage
    • Using tissue paper and sharpie, we will design and create a beautiful work of art that represents stained glass! Learn about artist Chagall and his famous stained-glass creations. This project is sure to be a keepsake!

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  1. Tuesday, 7/28, 2 pm ~ Metal Tooling Hamsa
    • Learn the art of metal tooling! It’s all about texture and creating imprints. We will also add a wash of paint for an extra explosion of color. Hamsas will be created using a stylus and working in repetitive line designs and patterns. All supplies included.
  2. Thursday, 7/30, 2 pm ~ Painted Collage Hamsa
    • Work with a variety of materials from decorative paper, construction paper, beads, and more to create your own one of a kind creation. We will inspire you with new techniques as you create this masterpiece! All supplies included.

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  1. Tuesday, 8/4, 2 pm  ~ Jerusalem City Collage
    • Work with a variety of papers, even papers that you paint and color, to create a unique collage work of art. We will learn about composition, foreground, and background and create a balanced work of art.  Supplies provided.
  2. Thursday, 8/6, 2 pm ~ Hebrew Initialing
    • Join us as we explore relaxation and creativity while designing wonderful line designs. We will learn patterns and designs that include practice in repetition and composition. Judaica images can easily be incorporated into these fun works of art! Supplies provided.

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  1. Tuesday, 8/11, 2 pm ~ Watercolor – Star of David
    • Explore the art of watercolor painting, learn a variety of techniques from wet-on-wet to dry-brush to incorporating salt! All supplies provided.
  2. Thursday, 8/13, 2 pm ~ Watercolor – Weaving
    • Join Smart with Art as we explore creating our own paper and then learning quilt weaving techniques to create a one-of-a-kind work of art. All supplies provided.

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Zumba to Israeli Pop Hits!

Get ready to start your day with RUACH (spirit), and join CSS dance specialist, Maya Bellas, as she leads us in an energetic dance experience that we are calling Jewmba!

This class is one part workout, one part dance party, one part Israeli music appreciation, and all parts fun!

  • Open to all ages
  • Every Monday at 10 am
  • Free!

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