Mission & Vision

Camp Solomon Schechter has a 68-year tradition of fun, friendship, and Jewish education in the Pacific Northwest.

About the camp.

Our Philosophy

Camp Solomon Schechter (CSS) has a 68-year tradition of fun, friendship, and Jewish education in the Pacific Northwest. At CSS we value each child as an individual and strive to support their social and spiritual growth. Our campers have the opportunity to be independent in a safe and nurturing environment. We encourage every camper to try something new, make new friends, make good choices, and grow as leaders and as individuals. CSS is a fully immersive, welcoming, and spiritual Jewish environment. At CSS, Judaism and Joy are truly one!

Jewish camp can be one of the most rewarding and influential experiences a child has. A summer at CSS enables children to try new activities, improve social skills, gain self-confidence, make Jewish friends, become independent, and discover talents and abilities they never knew they had. These benefits last a lifetime. At CSS we emphasize the values of integrity, derech eretz (respect), and tikkun olam (repairing the world). We do this through activities and teva (nature) to create our ideal Jewish community.


CSS is accredited by the American Camp Association. This means that we meet or exceed the industry standards in over 300 measures of health, safety and professionalism. CSS is also a proud member of the Association of Independent Jewish Camps, a group dedicated to pursuing best practices for independent Jewish camps.

Vibrant Jewish Community

CSS is an independent Jewish summer camp. We are a welcoming summer home for Jews of Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Renewal, traditional, and unaffiliated backgrounds. We take pride in our diversity. We celebrate the mosaic of identities and backgrounds that makeup our community.


Building a community of individuals.

Camp Solomon Schechter blends Jewish tradition and culture as the foundation of the camp experience; integrates nature and activity to create fun; and embraces the child in every person to foster joy, facilitate friendship, and create lifelong memories.


The premier Jewish camp experience.

Camp Solomon Schechter will be the preeminent independent Jewish camp on the West Coast.

CSS Values.

Creativity – transformative ideas, magical experiences, free expression

Fun – carefree, friendship, laughter, joy-filled moments, play

Inclusivity – welcoming everyone, accommodating needs and choices, modeling empathy

Jewish Ethics – guided by Jewish laws, morals, text

Jewish Observance – embracing diverse views: spiritually, globally

Jewish Practice – Celebrating Jewish life through

  • שבת – Shabbat (Sabbath)
  • כשרות – Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws)
  • תפילה – T’filah (prayer)
  • שירה – Shira (singing)
  • ציונות – Zionism (love for Israel)

Respect – for the earth, all people, diverse perspectives

Safety – good health, security of community, safe place to be exactly who you are

Trust – truthfulness, honesty, integrity

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