Shabbat Shalom!

Posted by on August 10, 2012


Shabbat Shalom Horim (Parents),

 It's hard to believe that I am writing about the last Shabbat of the summer, but here we go. We are all very excited; we have a special visitor this Shabbat - Matisyahu! That's right, I did it again!!! He is spending the weekend with us and putting on a concert Saturday night.  All of us will enjoy hanging out with him for our last Shabbat at camp.

This week has been amazing! The campers had a blast doingMaccabiah, which culminated in some amazing zimryah skits. I can't believe the acting, singing, humor and stage presence of our chanichim. We also changed to different chuggim this week, chanichim (campers) even got a chance to fish (check out the video here!). We enjoyed working with our resident special effects make-up artist and playing in the World Cup Soccer Tournament with Seattle Sounder Craig Tomlinson, wow, we have some talented athletes here, not to mention pottery, zip line and challenge course, band chug, and all the other amazing sports and outdoor activities here at camp. The ending of camp will be action-packed - no surprise there! We still have Yom Omanut (Arts & Crafts Day), the staff-camper football game, and the meteor shower with midnight snacks Saturday night on the softball field.

Shabbat is always a special time at camp. It's been such an incredible week, and this Shabbat should be the culmination and celebration of the time we have had together. My hope is that everyone here carries the special feeling of Shabbat home with them to share with their families between this summer and next. Your children are truly wonderful people, we have all enjoyed them immensely.  Thank you again for allowing us to share this wonderful time with them.

Warm wishes for a restful Shabbat,

Sam Perlin 

Executive Director