Hachnasat Torah!

Posted by on July 6, 2014


Today we received a new Torah at Camp Solomon Schechter! The Torah is over 100 years old and it came to us through a generous gift by the Samis Foundation, along with a Sofer who helped repair and complete it. 


The Sofer waited until he got to camp to complete it so that our campers, staff and guests could partake in the 613th mitzvah; the writing of a Torah!  


Schechter’s founder, Rabbi Stampfer, came up from Portland and spoke beautifully about the uniqueness of this “once in a lifetime opportunity”.  


Director Sam Perlin said the brachot to inaugurate the new (100 year old) Torah, and led the community in a spirited parade throughout camp. 

For_Picasa.jpgThe parade ended with a carnival filled with a station to make trail mix from the Shiv’at HaMinim (seven species of Israel) as well as Jewpardy Trivia, Biblical Bingo, Yad making, an inflatable water park, and of course snow cones and cotton candy! The waterfront was open and the campers enjoyed the afternoon cooling off in Lake Stampfer! 


It was truly an inspiring day at CSS, and the campers should have no problem falling fast asleep tonight! 

Josh Niehaus

CSS, 2014