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How is recycling part of Tikkun Olam? . . . When does Shabbat officially end? . . . What is nikayon? . . . What are the lessons of Tisha B’Av? . . . When someone wishes you, “Shavua Tov,” what are they saying and why . . ?
Judaism has a long and rich history full of tradition and ritual that provides us with a greater understanding of our place in the world and our relationship with G-d.  Many of us learned about Judaism through books and memorization at Hebrew or Sunday school. But, as you well know, immersion in our culture 24/7, while having fun and participating in engaging activities, transforms rote learning into meaningful experiences that more strongly connect us to our Jewish culture. Camp Solomon Schechter provides this very thing for our youth.

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As one parent stated, “Camp Solomon Schechter creates an incredible feeling of belonging and togetherness amongst the whole community of children, counselors and staff, and Camp is able to create a magical Jewish atmosphere that elevates the joy and meaning of Shabbat and being Jewish. I really commend Sam and the whole team for really touching my child's heart and making her feel so much joy and happiness about being Jewish and being part of a Jewish community.”  This comment aptly summarizes years of research from Jewish population studies from around the country:  Jewish camping is the strongest predictor of adult observance and engagement in the community. Adults with Jewish camping experience are:

  • 50% more likely to join a synagogue,
  • 90% more likely to join a JCC,
  • Twice as likely to contribute to their local Jewish Federation, and
  • 25% more likely to marry and raise their children as Jews.

Please help to ensure the youth in our community have the opportunity to experience this deep connection to Judaism. A contribution to Camp Solomon Schechter allows us to provide scholarships, improve and expand our programming and keep tuition costs affordable, not to mention making you a good dugma (role model).

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