Improving the camp we love,

preserving the environment we’ve treasured

Today, the facilities that are the heart of the camp must be updated. We are committed to renewing Schechter while carefully maintaining its unique culture and traditional environment enjoyed by campers past and present.

The existing Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) is crowded and outdated, with a tiny kitchen and space to accommodate just 200 diners. Our vision is to build a vibrant, new gathering space that will seat 350 and have the ability to grow with Schechter.

We currently have very limited covered outdoor space and a lack of adequate classroom space to make the most out of this experience. The new Mercaz Sport (Sports Center) will more than double the number of covered programmatic areas at Schechter.

The new Health Center will contain two exam rooms, expanded medical bays and an office and sleeping area for staff.

The new, open and inviting Welcome Center will be strategically placed on the main road into camp and will feature sweeping windows and decks on all sides. A spiritual meadow will provide a peaceful place for prayer and celebration.

Campaign funds also will support much-needed improvements in infrastructure throughout our 180-acre site, all while ensuring the utmost care and protection for the natural environment.

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